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Stop the barbaric state-perpetrated Reactionary Violence,since Saturday 20th June 2015,by armed soldiers, police and security personnel to bulldoze their way,dislodging over 60000“Poorest of the Poor”inhabitants of Fadama,Agbogbloshie Township,Accra,Ghana

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We, the signatories, add our solidarity to the efforts of the Peoples’ International Community Campaign for the Dignity of Labour (PICCDOL), the Grassroots South-North Internationalist Forum (GRASSNIF) and others in petitioning to ask President John Dramani Mahama to stop the ongoing Crimes Against Humanity being perpetrated by the Accra Metropolitan City authorities who appear to be thinking and acting as if he encouraged them to do so. We urge putting a full stop immediately to the barbaric siege of state-perpetrated Reactionary Violence being unleashed, since Saturday, 20th June 2015, by armed soldiers, police and security personnel in their callous attempts to bulldoze their way, dislodge and evict thousands of the ‘Poorest of the poor’ inhabitants of the over 60,000 populated Fadama in the Agbogbloshie Township of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. We condemn the obnoxious misuse of the recent flood and fire disasters in Accra, resulting from decades of governmental and state negligence, under Austerity pressure from International Financial Institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, to deceitfully blame, cowardly attack and viciously seek to penalize the most vulnerable poor, who are the worst victims not only of such recurrent disasters but also of the dereliction of state duties of care to the people. We denounce the stinking hypocrisy of those government and state officials who are mischievously acting the good talking cops, and at the same time, the bad demolition cops, mercilessly wreaking the havoc of Genocide upon our ‘Wretched of the Earth’. We demand bringing to serious questioning, at least before the court of international community public opinion, the terribly misguided thinking and actions of the likes of Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, the current Mayor of Accra. We urge all Peoples of Conscience to support grassroots organisations, networks and campaigns of both the indigenous as well as migrant communities of the ‘Poorest of the poor’, in and beyond Accra, in their efforts of self-education, self-organisation and self-empowerment independent of party political, governmental and state manipulation; for, this is vitally necessary so that the impoverished masses can successfully build from groundup their own self-determining institutions, mechanisms and processes of true Participatory Democracy and utilise them not only in ‘Speaking Our Grassroots Power of Truth to Establishment Power ’, and properly holding their leaders and all officials to account, but also for planning their own authentic Community Regeneration and Sustainable Glocal Development. It must be recognised that this is what some of the Fadama-based groups of formally and informally organised youth and women, including the Kayayei, hawkers and petty traders, as well as others trying to build the Accra Community Regeneration for Sustainable Development Action Forum (ACORSDAF), have long been urging the PICCDOL, the GRASSNIF and other progressive forces at home and abroad to help them in seeking Internationalist Solidarity for their efforts of self- education, self- organisation and self-mobilization of all the inhabitants of the city to do. Internationalist Solidarity needs to be expressed to them now therefore in various ways and means, but more so in terms of supporting grassroots efforts of glocalizing Popular Education for Active Global Citizenship; so as to enable the ‘Poorest of the poor’ in and beyond Accra to better self-conscientizingly, knowledgeably and effectively challenge the obscurantism of those in high positions of governmental, state and academic authority who appear so hideously blinded by zealous neo-Nazi-style fascistic commitment to the neoliberal capitalist globalizational schemes of so-called Millennium City maldevelopment, that they are prepared to resort to Big Lies, Ethnocentrism and even Afriphobic Xenophobia that may repeat crimes recently committed in South Africa, in order to violently drive poor inhabitants out of the urban and rural areas of their elitist redesigning fancy throughout Ghana to serve the rapacious gentrification purposes of revanchist foreign powers and transnational corporate vampires bent upon worsening Neocolonialism to the point of effecting the Recolonization of Afrika. Now, therefore, more than ever before, we must demand respect not only for simply the Right to the City for those being violently bulldozed out of Fadama in Accra, but for the Right to Eco-Justice Cities for all, as one of the most inalienable human, peoples’ and Mother Earth rights everybody has the natural legitimacy to insist upon!

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