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BULGARIA SLAUGHTER: Grandma Dora has been asked to be filmed with her goats, because tomorrow, all 60 of them will be killed by the Bulgarian State. Around 3000 sheep and goats have been killed so far - reported to be killed inhumanely  to save money - because of a disease that has not been tested for, or proven, or even explained.

Yet Grandma Dora is not alone in her plight, there are hundred's maybe thousands more like her that are going to be directly affected unless you ACT NOW, and help us lobby the Bulgarian Government today to make change.


The government are rounding up the villagers animals - most people in rural Bulgaria run a smallholding - they grow their own veg and keep a few animals. These are often poor people, living off a small plot of land. The government are sweeping through these villages and whiping out their entire flocks and then leaving with piles of dead animals in their wake. The villagers are beyond pain and anger - healthy animals are heartlessly and painfully being killed. Large numbers of police are guarding the killers and preventing people from guarding their own animals.

This a terrible slaughter, being actioned by a cold blooded Bulgarian government - possibly because the EU will pay a government for disease control. - no one knows for sure, as statements have not been issued - it's like going back 50 years for the country, where government agencies come and remove individuals from their homes.

For Grandma Dora, this is her world gone. She lives with her 60 goats and everyone has names, Gergana, Todorka.... these are her children... she doesn't stop talking to them; she lives for them, she goes everywhere with them and goes to bed with them... Tonight for the last time... tomorrow they will be slaughtered.... From tomorrow Grandma Dora will be empty and many others like her.....

This needs to go public, as the people of the country have been rendered powerless. Please sign and share. Thank you!