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STOP the banning of Pit Bulls

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A big part of people's families is a four legged friend; a dog. Different sizes, shapes, colours and personalities, these creatures are what complete our hearts. We find comfort with them when we are feeling down because they are the one thing that will keep you grounded. They provide companionship and loyalty, something that is often hard.

Each dog has something to offer and not every dog of the same, even within breeds. Over the past few months, a grave problem has come to my attention - Pitbull bans. Like children, dogs are raised and taught under the care and responsibility of their owners. Every dog is taught lessons and lives the way it does based on their upbringing.

Pitbulls seem to be in the spotlight for being an “aggressive” dog breed, but let's shine that light a bit brighter to see the truth. They are deeply misunderstood around the world based on people's lack of knowledge. The truth is, irresponsible owners, media, and myths have highlighted a fear around Pitbulls in our society. Are Pitbulls strong? Yes, of course they are. That is one of the fascinating characteristics about them. But why do we fear a muscular dog when we admire a muscular human? A well known MYTH about Pitbulls is that they are naturally violent and aggressive. This of course, is extremely false. These dogs are not born violent, just like any other dog or even with people, they can become violent from lack of teaching, leadership, irresponsible ownership, abuse, and many other contributing factors.

Along with the above subject comes another MYTH, that Pitbulls have “locking jaws,” making them even more aggressive when they “attack”. Again, this is false. They bite the same as any other dog would. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that one breed is inherently more dangerous than another. I would like point out that there is a huge error in media when it comes to focusing on dog attacks. Statistics show that in 2015, 150 dogs that were involved in attacks were claimed to be of Pitbull breed. However, 60% of those dogs were misidentified.¹ Thus demonstrating how people assume the breed based on stigma. The media puts out these reports with incorrect information a lot of the time, focusing on the wrong breed and blaming innocent Pitbulls for nothing. It is easy for people to do this based on the stigma that is already created for them. These incorrect situations and myths are impacting the way people view these animals. Furthermore, bans and restrictions have been put into place in many towns and cities. Many people including myself see this as straight up wrong. We are asking for these bans and restrictions to be lifted. We need to give these dogs a chance and not make them pay the consequences for poor ownership and a stigma created by uneducated members in our society. It is 2018 and it is time for equality and fair treatment for all dogs. Pitbulls are an important and precious part of so many families. They should not be treated differently. 

In conclusion, Pitbulls should not be banned due to stigma, myths, lack of education, or poor ownership. Studies have shown that the majority of dog bite incidents are in fact related to irresponsible ownership. People's lack of education and care should not be taken out on a breed that is no different than any other. Let there be justice for Pitbulls. We are their voices and we need to be heard.

 ¹ “Pitbulls - Accurate Statistics and Information - Pit Bulls.” Pitbulls - Accurate Statistics and Information - Pit Bulls, www.pitbullinfo.org/ 

Personal Statements:

“I just got my first ½ pitty today and he is nothing but kisses and he immediately fell in love with my 10 month old son. Every pit I’ve ever met has been amazing and loving!” - Rissa Souza

“I’m a foster mother of a 10 year old pit. He waS kidnapped by a previous owner 4 years ago and I adopted him… and he adopted me! Now he is the sweetest and most affectionate dog I have ever met, my baby is my world.” - Micol Tiafu

“I have 3 pits and I didnt know how I felt about them at first. They originally belonged to my boyfriends mom, but when she passed away there was nobody that wanted to take care of them. Everyone wanted to either get rid of them or put them down because “they’re trouble”, but my boyfriend and I weren’t having it. We agreed to take all 3 pits in and pay for everything. We’ve had them for almost 3 years now and I can’t imagine my life without them. I love those slobbery big babies.” - Carolina Nunez

“From my experience with my dog, there isn’t a single mean bone in her body. All she wants to do is lick and lick. She is super good with children and if a kid gave her food, she uses her tongue instead of taking a bite so she doesn’t scare them.”  - Jahred Dabels

"She's my absolute heart dog. Her never-fading happy demeanour is what keeps me going everyday. It's dogs like her that make me so excited to work in the shelter community."  - Anonymous

“We first saw an ad on Craigslist for cane corso pitbull puppies, and we looked at a few other options on dogs but i kept going back to the add, we went to look at puppies and out of all of them diesel came up to up and rolled on his back. It was from that point on we knew he had picked us, and we knew we wanted to pick him as he was already showing he’s submissive. Once he was about 3-4 months old we started training him, tricks and commands and to walk off leash. He was raised around cats before we adopted him and I have a 16 year old cat that he just loves. He whines and stares at him under the bed, wishing the cat would play. He tries to clean the cats ears and also my roommates dogs ears. We call him mama diesel because of that and many other reasons. He was always giving dogs at the dog park kisses some liked it some did not, he would just run from the ones that did not. But he didn’t let it ruin his mood he would just smile and run off to the next dog in hopes that he’d make A new furriend. He could play with 40+ dogs at the dog park and he is in heaven. He loves all dogs, small and big. But especially small ones. He once made a friends with this 10 year old chihuahua at the dog park and from then on he’d protect him from getting stepped on while he was there. One time we were at the dog park for 2 hours and then the 10 year old chihuahua showed up and diesel threw himself to the ground when I was trying to make him leave, he loves his friends. His alpha is a Chihuahua Weiner dog mix and he loves him. Always trying to give him kisses even though he chases him away it’s just like the mouse and the elephant. He’s a gentle giant, he likes to lay down when he’s around small dogs until they get comfortable. He gets worried when he hears another dog crying or even a human. Like REALLY CONCERNED he looks like a concerned Mom. Especially when my cousin brings his baby over, diesel knew about that baby before she was born and any time she’s over he lives for That babe he will just lay there next to her and watch her sleep, or if people are holding and walking around with her he will follow you anywhere. But when she cries and continues to cry then diesel whines, he gets very concerned. He’s definitely not a one person dog, he’s an everyone dog. He loves everyone! He acts like he’s known you his whole life when he just meets you gets all excited shakes his butt and tries to give you a kiss, most of the time he’s successful but he’s so friendly That when one of my friends came over  he greeted her just like I said and she asked me, “ has he always been like this?” And I said like what? And she said, “this loving this affectionate?” And I said yes! Since day one. He’s a lover not a fighter. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He found a baby bird the other day and came and brought me to it, I picked it up with gloves and it jumped out of my hands and started running and he didn’t chase it, I think he knew he bird was very scared Because he sat and watched me try to get the bird off the ground. He can be laying outside and doves will land around him. He loves LOVES KIDS!!! If there’s kids, dogs or cats around us adults don’t matter haha. Many people have asked us if we are going to breed him because they love him so much and they want a dog just like him. I walk him in my neighborhood up on a trail and he walks off leash next to me, and many people have complimented us and some even ask to pet him and they fall in love With him immediately. Some people think he looks “scary” but I think that’s just the media putting thoughts into their head. Or they just think of the poor pitbulls that are drugged and fought. That is not how pitbulls are that’s what the man did to some poor pitbulls. And even some of those dogs that are rescued from such cases are just as loving as diesel is even though they went through hell and back. Diesel can have dogs walking past us barking like crazy trying to come near him and he just Whines. He doesn’t understand HATE only understands LOVE no training did that, he himself is just like that. They are just such amazing dogs, and it’s sad that people don’t give them a chance. Because they are the BEST dogs in my opinion. They love you more than they do themselves and they are loyal to you till the day they die.” -Juliette Craddle (@dieselthecanecorsomix)