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Stop the attacks on the LGBTQI community by LNP & ACL, Stand as 1 for #EQUALITY

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Starting with the defunding of QAHC and taking away the voice and one of the best LGBTQI organistaion's in QLD they tried to silence us with pathetic excuse that hold no real meaning or fact, only the hidden one of them trying to shut us down! :

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Campbell Newman said he will repeal Civil Unions but then said at a press conference he would not do so, What he has done is watered down civil unions which is known as "Registered relationships" and taking away sanctioned ceromonies that mimicks in his terms "Marriage"

What they also did was The Queensland government will ban single people and same-sex couples from having a child through surrogacy!

This is what i claim to be a disgusting round of attacks on the LGBTQI communtiy as a whole and are taking away our rights bit by bit, this to me is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue and the LNP should be accountable for the HATE they have shown and should step down and must force a re election.

For years the ACL, (Australian Christian Lobby) have been against #Marriage #Equality and #Diversity, it's time to stand up and SAY NO. They are influencing the LNP Government  with decisions regarding the health and well being of the LGBTQI community, we will not be sent back to the dark ages after all the hard work our community has done to gain our rights, TIME TO STAND UP!


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