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Regardless of whether you agree with Lindsay Jackson's choice to enter her daughter, Maddy Verst, in Beauty Pageants, her ex-husband's infringement on her parental rights is an atrocious assault on justice. Bill Verst, Maddy's estranged, Dead Beat Dad, filed for full custody simply because the six year old was featured on the hit TLC show, Toddlers and Tiaras in a Dolly Parton costume.

Unbelievably, the judge in the case has set aside the fact that Bill is a Convicted Felon and recently plead Guilty to Drunk Driving, Wanton Endangerment of a Minor and Assault, and is choosing to persecute the Single Mother in this unprecedented assault on Civil Liberties. Important to note is that the judge in this family court preceding used to work with Bill's uncle and has received Campaign Donations from the Verst Family to secure his RECENT election onto the Family Court Bench! It's no wonder why Judge Woeste has denied FOUR Change of Venue Requests in this case!

The injustice in this case is extreme and must be remedied before court resumes on August 31st. Please join with me to tell the Politically Connected Verst Family and the Activist Judge, Richard Woeste, that no amount of pageant make up in the world can cover up the cronyism and over reaching arm of Governmental Intrusion on Lindsay's Parental Rights.


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