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Women at the Ocean Sky sweatshop in El Salvador are paid just eight cents for each $25 NFL T-shirt they sew. Their wages amount to just 3/10ths of one percent of the NFL shirt's retail price!

Workers sewing for NFL, Reebok, Puma, Old Navy (GAP), Columbia, Talbots and Penguin (Munsingwear) are drenched in their own sweat...Drinking water is filthy...They are cursed at...Garments hurled in their faces...Surveillance cameras monitor the workers' every move...Overtime is forced...Wages of 72 to 92 cents an hour-one quarter of what a family needs to survive... Anyone even asking for their rights will be immediately fired and blacklisted.

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Don't let NFL, Reebok, Puma, GAP and the other companies get away with it. Their corporate codes of conduct and corporate monitoring have failed miserably.

The U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement has ended in a race to the bottom, with workers stripped of their rights and trapped in poverty.

Ask the U.S. Government to finally implement the worker rights provisions in the US-CAFTA. Right now, only corporations have rights. But the workers want to be treated like human beings.

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We are calling upon U.S. and Salvadoran Government officials, along with representatives of the NFL, Reebok, Puma, GAP and the other labels to travel to El Salvador and meet face to face with the Ocean Sky workers. 

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Letter to
Commissioner, NFL Roger Goodell
President, Reebok Uli Becker
CEO, Puma Jochen Zeitz
and 4 others
President, Old Navy John Wyatt
CEO, Columbia Timothy Boyle
CEO, Talbots Trudy Sullivan
CEO, Perry Ellis International George Feldenkreis
We ask the United States Trade Representative’s office, the Salvadoran Ministry of Labor and representatives of NFL, Reebok, Puma, Old Navy (Gap), Columbia and Talbot’s to meet with the workers in the Ocean Sky factory together with the Salvadoran women’s organization Women Transforming and the Institute for Global Labour & Human Rights to ensure that legal rights of workers will be respected and working conditions will be improved.

We ask that:

* Officials from the United States Trade Representatives office (USTR) explain to the workers that there is a U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement and that there are enforceable laws to guarantee that the government of El Salvador and the apparel companies respect the legal rights of Ocean Sky workers.

* Representatives from the labels can explain how they have good practice codes of conduct that also guarantee the workers’ legal rights and that they carry out surprise audits to guarantee those rights.

* The Fair Labor Association could also address the workers, to explain that Ocean Sky is a “participating supplier” of the FLA and committed to implementing the FLA’s “high” labor standards.

* We appeal to the Salvadoran Ministry of Labor to participate in this meeting to assure the workers of the Salvadoran Government’s commitment to protecting their fundamental legal rights.

If the U.S. and Salvadoran government officials refuse to participate in such a meeting with the Ocean Sky workers, we will know that the labor rights provisions in the U.S.-CAFTA are meaningless and meant only for show—not to truly protect workers rights. Similarly, if the companies choose not to participate, it will be clear that their corporate codes of conduct and monitoring program are actually designed to fail.

If U.S. and Salvadoran Government officials, along with representatives of the major labels, take their responsibilities seriously—to enforce local and international laws—Ocean Sky management will have no choice but to respect the legal rights of its workers. If there is a will, this can be done!

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