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STOP THE ABUSE OF WORKING ANIMALS at the Giza Pyramids Area, Luxor and Aswan!

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I witnessed serious animal abuses around the The Three Pyramids of Giza and its surroundings while vacationing in Egypt.

Animals such as cart and riding horses and camels are being brutally beaten, neglected and whipped as they cart loads of tourists around the pyramids. They are forced to work in the extreme heat without shelter, food or water supply every day and facing a long agonizing life. They have medical diseases and conditions and obvious, untreated giant flesh wounds under their saddles and still being ridden. Undoubtedly, they demonstrate distress and are worked or starved to death.

This area is „Hell on Earth” for carriage horses and camels. This horror must be stopped now.

Stopping the misery would surely benefit not only the working animals in Giza, Luxor and Aswan, but would raise awareness of the importance of animal rights as a topic in Egypt in general.

To all who has compassion and kindness for animals,

We must send a strong message that violence against any feeling creature is unacceptable, it is time to voice our views against injustice and cruelty towards animals.

Let's be the voice of those who cannot defend themselves! Let's make a difference!

Please help stop the animal abuses by taking action now. Please sign and share this petition today.

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