Stop the Abuse of Dogs and Cats

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    Dogs are constantly being abused by owners who shouldn't even have dogs in the first place. People are going behind the scenes to get these dogs and harm them. They're being bred to fight and have their vocal cords removed just so the neighbors can't hear the pain coming from these dogs. These dogs are being chained on posts in backyards without food and water. Why would you even want a dog if thats whats going to happen to it?

    I’m planning on getting enough supporters to create a credit score system for adopting dogs. This system is to be used whenever a dog is involved. For example, whenever someone is buying something for a dog, like a pronged collar or a line you can chain to a post, they must show their “dog” credit score. Or when a person wants to adopt a new dog, the adoption center will ask for their credit score.

    I plan on creating an app that automatically downloads when a phone is purchased. I also plan on adding it to computers for people who do not always have access to a phone. And just like your I.D. is necessary to have at all times, this will be too. 

    I have recently noticed that people are talking about how cats are abused too. They are kicked around the house because they are “inconvenient.” If they’re so “inconvenient” why would you buy one in the first place? They are also more common to be kicked out of an owners house because of a cat allergy. I have decided to change the credit score system for cats also. When buying ANYTHING for a cat or a dog, you will be asked for your credit score on your dog and/or cat. 

    I may not stop this nonsense once and for all, but I sure am trying. Sign now to stop abuse and create a safer environment for dogs and cats.

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