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Stop the Abuse in Chinese Zoos

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LIVE animals torn to pieces by lions in front of baying crowds: the spectator sport China DOESN'T want you to see!

The Xiongsen Tiger and Bear Park in Guilin, China, has been a target of international animal rights groups because of the live animal sacrifices and the taunting and torture of animals that have been performed there for years, to mostly enthusiastic audiences.

The Guilin zoo is one of China's largest, boasting a tiger farm with over 1,300 cats and scores of other animals.  It is also the prime example of the shocking practice that is common at zoos and animal parks across China, which make them seem more like a sick circus than the kind of zoos you find in the west.

At most zoos in China, the routine is similar: Tiger and bear trainers prod and poke the animals in order to provoke them. Tigers are trained to ride around the ring atop apparently petrified horses.

At some zoos, lions and tigers are fed live chickens, goats and even horses, triggering a feeding frenzy as the cats devour their helpless prey in front of cheering crowds of spectators.

"Several tigers had to jump through rings of fire and those that resisted were prodded until they did. Then, the circus trainers led the tigers out and brought in a dozen black bears. The miserable-looking bears were also forced to perform acrobatic-type stunts. One trainer repeatedly yanked on the chain leash around one bear's neck and hit the animal several times. When the bears were led off, a goat came into the ring and walked a tightrope with a small monkey on its back, also at the urging of a trainer's metal prod."......."In one area, visitors are allowed to take fishing poles with apples on the hooks. Then, they are allowed to get close to a pen of black bears and they can tease them with the apples. The eager bears chase the apples, tripping over one another."......"Then we encountered the worst of it. A tiger was placed atop a box out in the open. It had a chain leash around its neck. The tiger appeared to be drugged, although the trainers told us it was just sleepy. For about one dollar, tourists can get close to the lethargic tiger and pet it or take photos."

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