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NO To The Obnoxious, Barbaric and Inhuman Torture of Africans, MODERN DAY SLAVERY In Libya

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It is no longer news, the obnoxious, devilish, and inhuman maltreatment of legitimate African citizens in Libya. The spate of modern day slavery around the world particularly that which is rocking the African continent calls for international concern hence all hands must be on deck to curtail this dreaded menace. While some will blame their motive for embarking on this deadly journey on poor standard of living, unemployment, insurgency and lots more, this obviously is not the issue at hand now right now, the point is that proactive action has to be taken to redress this menace.

The manner at which these desperate and vulnerable people who risk everything embarking on this dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea attempting to reach Europe where they assume the grass is greener. Only for scores of them to be sold off as chickens, tortured, abused, victimized in an African state, calls for urgent attention. This is an abuse of human right, While I’m Advocating for the whole I can relate particularly to this as a Nigerian born and breed in Benin - City the Edo state capital.

I have been opportune to hear so many stories directly from those who miraculously returned back from this deadly route most of them narrates how dehumanizing their lives has been reduced to in Libya, ranging from forced labor, rape, exploitation and the likes, we can’t afford to continually loose our promising young and vibrant youths to modern day slavery. As Akwa Ibom state indigene, haven’t lived in Edo State for over 20years, never a time that I was being victimized, exploited or unlawfully tortured for no just cause this is the kind of African continent that I envisage, embracing the spirit of “Ubuntu”.

 By virtue of the 1951  refugee convention which Nigeria and some African countries are signatory  to, Article 26 of that treaty states that, each contracting State shall accord to refugees lawfully in its territory the right to choose their place of residence to move freely within its territory, subject to any regulations applicable to aliens generally in the same circumstances. Hence, African citizens don’t deserve this sort of maltreatment, Please we duly demand for urgent attention to be taken in this regard.

As a youth advocate for sustainable development goals (SDGs) I owe it to my country, Africa and the world at large to advocate for the redressing of key issues that is tantamount to threatening the peaceful coexistence of my country, Africa and the world. Because, development cannot thrive in a continent where there is high rate of inequality within and among states.

There is need for peaceful and inclusive societies, access to justice for all, effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels for sustainable development that is why I’m beckoning on the United Nations through the instrumentality of its sub organ the UN Refugee Agency, the international organization for migration, The African Union, to swing into action and redress this gross abuse of human rights.

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