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Petitioning Governor Jerry Brown and 3 others

Stop the $560 Fee Hike for all students at CSU Dominguez Hills

President William Hagan, is preparing to impose a $560 annual fee increase for all students. For weeks, hundreds of students have requested a student referendum (vote) only to be dismissed by Administration and Associated Students Inc. who have been groomed to promote the fee hike despite the majority of students expressing disapproval.

The $560 amount can be increased in subsequent semesters; the only requirement being the holding of an undemocratic “alternative-consultation” process and approval from Chancellor’s Office.  

If President Hagan removes his fee proposal, the makers of this petition intend to assist him in the securing of alternative funding.

Please sign to oppose the imposition of new fees on students at California State University Dominguez Hills, and to pledge to withhold all future donations to the campus until such fees are rescinded.

Sponsored by: Students for Quality Education, Students for Education Reform, California Student Union Project  


Letter to
Governor Jerry Brown
President Willam Hagan
Chancellor Timothy White
and 1 other
ASI President Gavin Centeno
CSUDH President Hagan
Please remove your student success fee proposal to increase fees for all students at California State University Dominguez Hills, and if you do increase the annual fee I pledge to suspend all future donations to CSUDH.