Stop the 24M MONOPOLE Communications Tower going up in our Community of Daingean.

Stop the 24M MONOPOLE Communications Tower going up in our Community of Daingean.

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Started by mary lynch

Planning promission has been granted on the grounds of the GAA feild in Daingean for the erection of a 24M monopole, telecommunications support structure together with ANTENNA DISHES! Associated telecommunications equipment. All enclosed in a security fencing. 

There is now concern as to why the residents of coologue that is just a few metres from such tower have not been informed of this development or surrounding area's Killaderry been another.  

Planning on this application was granted on 26th Nov 21. Submission period was 5 weeks from receipt of application which ended on 3rd Oct.   An appeal for submission was dated 23rd December 21 leaving is with little or no time to appeal. A site notice was displayed on the grounds of the GAA field and also notice at the entrance into the GAA.  People of the community have not been aware of this development as they feel they were not informed especially the residents of coologue Daingean.  There are many concerns arising from this development and the risks that can be caused.

Ongoing research on EMF and the risks that it can cause. 

*Increase the chance of cancer. 

*Create cellular stress

*Effects the reproductive system and how it functions.

*Creates Neurological disorders 

*Causes overall poor health. 

These health risks of RF/EMF are not something new and EMF has been the subject of many studies for years now. Even the WHO has classified RF/EMF as a protential carnage for humans. 

So for such a massive scale which will cover a wide range of the community why wasn't there an informed site notice to the the residents of coologue and the community.  This is not a rural area and the Tower should not of even been considered an area for this type of development.  Any EMF tower should be at least 400M from any residental area especially kids or pregnant women.  

So to appeal for this development to not go ahead and give coologue and the surrounding area the opportunity to appeal submission.  There are 32 houses literally over looking this tower. There are many a field in rural Daingean for this development to be a safe distance.  So why isn't it? 











62 have signed. Let’s get to 100!