Stop the 23- Storey, 495 High-density Flats at Basildon Town Centre’s Former M&S Site!

Stop the 23- Storey, 495 High-density Flats at Basildon Town Centre’s Former M&S Site!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Davida Ademuyiwa

A Petition for Micheal Gove to Call in the Appeal for the 23-storey 495 high-density flats destined for Basildon town centre’s former M&S site…

We the undersigned call on our local MPs, John Barron, Stephen Metcalfe and Mark Francois, to ask the Secretary of State, Micheal Gove, to call in the appeals on the M&S site, and the future appeal on the East Gate site in Basildon Town Centre.

This is because, we, the residents of Basildon Council, have lost all faith in the planning inspector and their refusal to protect Basildon’s Town centre from overdevelopment with mass high-density tower blocks, contrary to the wishes of Basildon’s residents.

The development which is to be built in town Square, where the former Marks & Spencer stores is located, is set to be bulldozed away to make way for this new development.

These high-rise developments have been rejected by Basildon’s residents, the planning application has been rejected once by Basildon council and its Conservative leadership. The developers put in an appeal, and the former decision was overruled by the planning inspector following a two-week planning inquiry.

Cllr Andrew Baggott, Leader of Basildon Council, has issued the following statement:

“We are naturally very disappointed with the decision of the Planning Inspector, which flies against the public’s aspirations for our Town Centre. As we have stated throughout, the local community have been absolutely clear that they do not want these kinds of developments, towering in the sky at twenty-plus storeys. They do not accord with the public's aspirations and they do not accord with my Administration's aspirations either. The residents elected us to power, and ejected the Labour-led alliance that voted through these monstrosities, and we remain committed to honouring their views."

Cllr Davida Ademuyiwa, of St Martin’s Ward in Basildon said: 

“It’s a sad day for Basildon’s residents seeing that we have lost another appeal against the high-rise buildings destined for Basildon’s town centre. We need to remember that this is the vision the Labour and Independent Alliance had for our town slowly coming to fruition. This is their legacy. St Martin’s residents didn’t want it. I didn’t want it.The Conservative led council fought against it.  But unfortunately, we have it here on our doorsteps…

…we must continue to fight!”



142 have signed. Let’s get to 200!