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Stop technology companies from using conflict minerals!

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Last year, a small digital society class at Masconomet High School in Massachusetts studied conflict minerals, and we were shocked to realize that four main conflict minerals — gold, tungsten, tantalum, and tin —  are present in almost every single piece of technology we use on a daily basis. The Masco community wants Apple, Dell, Intel, Toshiba, and Samsung to stop using conflict minerals in our technology. Sign this petition to make sure consumers are aware of the impact the mining of these minerals has so we can pressure these companies to change their policies. 

Conflict minerals are crucial to the production of almost all the modern technology we enjoy, such as phones and computers. However, these minerals are mostly extracted from the Eastern Congo and neighboring countries. The mines are controlled by warlords who use the money from these minerals to fuel their wars and maintain power over the people they force to work in the mines. The conflict in the region, centered on the Eastern Congo, has grown into what is known as Africa’s First World War, resulting in the death of over five million people and the raping of millions of women.

Consumers have a right to know what kind of labor and materials go into the products that they use everyday. Technology companies that claim to be dedicated to fair labor, sustainability, and much more, should know these materials are unacceptable. Conflict minerals should be removed from all modern technology products.

This is a cause that the Masco community and consumers around the world truly care about, and we want to make a difference. Everyone has a role to play in helping curb the use of conflict minerals — please sign this petition to urge top technology companies to go 100% conflict mineral free!

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