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Stop Teachers from Bullying Students... Fire Them Immediately

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My name is Angie King. My granddaughter Trinity she is 10 years old was locked out of school by her 4th grade teacher. They were on the playground and the teacher Ms. Michelle French of E.M. Yoder Elementary School blew the whistle for the children to come inside. My granddaughter Trinity left when the teacher blew the whistle but then realized she had left her jacket on the playground and ran back to get her jacket-as she was running to the door of the school-The teacher Michelle French shut the door and the doors lock on the outside you can't open the door from the outside and of course the teacher knew this. Trinity started beating on the door and crying for her teacher to let her in and the teacher wouldn't open the door and the teacher just stood there watching Trinity cry and beg her to open the door.. She had a 5th grader stand in front of the door and make sure Trinity didn't get in the door-and the teacher Michelle French went to the bathroom and left Trinity unsupervised while the whole time Trinity was crying and beating on the door and begging her teacher to let her in. When the teacher Michelle French came out of the bathroom and just stood there and watch Trinity crying and begging to get inside the teacher did nothing. Trinity then proceeded to take off running toward the front of the school to the front doors because she knew they were unlocked and that is when Michelle French her teacher got her and allowed her to come into the school. Now this happened and 10:00am in the morning and she wasn't allowed to call her parents or anything....we didn't find out anything until we picked her up at 2:30 pm and Trinity was still crying. She doesn't understand why a teacher would be so mean to her. We had to take Trinity to the doctor because her hand was swallow and was blistered and it came from the beating that she did on the door of the school.
Trinity is a child with an anxiety disorder which the school had already been made of aware of many times. The teacher Michelle French knew of the anxiety disorders Trinity had. Now we have gone to the Principle of EM Yoder and the Vice Principal of E.M Yoder had meetings with them and they discussed that they would do an investigation with this situation. We had a meeting on that Friday. The teacher was in the meeting and she had to be called down on 3 different times because she was being so disrespectful. The teacher Michelle French admitted to doing this to Trinity as a form of discipline. Trinity wouldn't go back to school...she was afraid. They finally agreed to change her classroom and we went and met with the new teacher and the principal and the vice principal and we liked the new teacher and we ask that when Trinity returned to school that Michelle French not be able to speak to her or approach her in any way. We understood that they may pass in the hallway or see each other on the playground but it was to be made clear that she not speak to Trinity or come near her...on the 2nd day of Trinity being at school this teacher Michelle French approached Trinity on the playground and was trying to talk to Trinity and it scared her very much. When I picked Trinity up that afternoon...she told me about Michelle French approached her on the playground and how it scared her. I went to the school and spoke with the principal again and ask her if she had told Michelle French to stay away from Trinity and she said "yes why" I told her that Michelle French approached Trinity on the playground and how it scared her. The principal told me she would speak with her again. Trinity has not been back to school since that day. Trinity is in counseling and having a lot of anxiety problems. We went to the superintendent of Alamance County Schools Dr. Cox and she was the most disrespectful woman I have ever met in my life. She had no compassion about Trinity it was all about the teacher and keeping her protected. I ask the question "what are the rules for a teacher locking a child out of school" she could never give me an answer. She wouldn't talk about the actions taken against this teacher if any...she said a full investigation was done.....but not once did the superintendent call Trinity's mom or dad... not once did she return any of our many phone calls to her....her secretary called me with an appointment time....after we had called a dozen times. The only words we got from her today are we cannot talk about the displine taken against the teacher. She didn't seem concerned about Trinity and her mental abuse this teacher did to her or the injury on her ...never did she even ask about it. I also called the Mebane Police Department to press charges on the teacher Michelle French and because she is a teacher and it happened at the school we have no legal grounds to press charges on her.Trinity parents and I left there feeling like Trinity was nothing and the teacher has her life now. Trinity will not leave her mother’s side...she is very afraid. Trinity parents have to miss work and take her to counseling. We are not asking for any type of money or reimbursements of any type...we feel this teacher Michelle French needs to be terminated for her conduct. We have heard from many parents that their children had her as a teacher and these but the school board overlook the issues. I feel if this story is run that maybe there children will come forward and tell what she has done to them. Michelle French is a bully to the children-they are afraid of her----she is a bully to parents-we have dealt with that first hand. Please Please I beg you to do this story and to make other parents aware of what this school is allowing to happen. Trinity is only 10 years old...I am her voice....please listen to it. She will not go back to school because she says "Ms. French will get her" ...I wonder where a ten year old would get that idea. If this were your child or grandchild and you felt her voice wasn't being heard what would you do? I will not stop until this teacher is terminated or resigns. I have contacted all the news channels and I will be doing stories in the local newspapers and I have posted it on facebook and I will get petitions started to have Michelle French removed. There are many parents and children that are contacting me to tell the stories of what Michelle French has done to them. But the sad thing is you guys have allowed this to continue. I have had so much respect for ABSS but since the meeting yesterday with Lillie Cox my heart is saddened to the attitude of this woman. It is just a job to is not the children. She was protecting the child by no means. She never ask how Trinity was doing...she was just letting us know under no circumstances would she tell us what the punishment was for Michelle French. She was so disrespectful to us...I would never treat an animal the way we were treated. This is the type of person you guys let run our schools...God help us all.   Thank you, Angie King


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