Stop teachers bullying and child abuse in Australian schools #LetUsSpeak #VictimRights

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My Autistic son was/still ongoing emotionally and physically abused by a NSW special needs teacher. Ending in a visit to the emergency room. Like so many other families. Education department refuse to intervene. In fact she now has permanant job there. My son hasn't attended school since August 11 2016.

I found stories of children locked in cages, physically abused, emotionally abused, left outside outside in isolation. 

I kept complaining after my Autistic son had to be taken to hospital. Police refused to listen they refuse believe teacher capable of abuse. Instead after I again complained she applied intervention order. My beautiful boy was locked up and now faces charges. At court she asked Avo be varied to he can't attend school, his not to go within 20 metres of her. He won't even leave our house or go outside. You can sign my other petition calling attorney general to drop charges here

I am calling for harsher penalties for child abusers. 

More powers for human rights commission to investigate and punish those doing the wrong thing. At the moment they are powerless to intervene. 

Education department stop transferring these abusers around the state. And remove them from having any contact with children. 

I am calling for chief minister Andrew Barr to hold up his promise to stop cover up of child abuse. 

Please sign and show our government we do not support child abuse in any form