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Stop Target from Opening Store in Kailua, Hawaii


The national Target chain is looking into opening a new store in Kailua (Oahu) where existing DonQuijote stands. THIS IS NOT A DONE DEAL, but could be, unless each individual who wants to retain Kailua's unique character makes a stand against this store location.  They will make a decision in AUGUST, so please DO NOT DELAY ACTION.

As residents of the town know, this is a primarily small local business town. Having a Target at the center of Kailua would severely hurt local businesses, it would essentially destroy the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood, and it would create incredibly bad traffic in the area. In addition, it will automatically wipe out about 90,000 square feet of existing buildings to build their structure. The environmental impacts of this also need to be considered. Kailua is NOT the place for a Target store.

Things you can do to help:

Here's the address that Target is putting out there for comments about Target in Kailua -
Please feel free express your concerns directly to Kaneohe Ranch at ...or call: (808) 263-8900

We are organizing a Grass Roots effort to LET TARGET KNOW WE ARE NOT INTERESTED in a Kailua store or any BIG BOX STORE!

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Kaneohe Ranch Kaneohe Ranch
Don Quijote Don Quijote Corporation
Hawaii State House
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Hawaii State Senate
Hawaii Governor
We, the undersigned would like to express our discontent with the proposed plan for a Target store in Kailua, HI.

Under the City and County's long-existing Oahu General Plan, development and growth on Oahu are promoted first in the Honolulu urban core; secondly in the new urban center developing in Kapolei; and lastly in the "urban fringe" including bedroom communities such as Kailua. In the more specific section of the City and County's General Plan related to Koolaupoko (Oahu's windward district) "The Vision for Koolaupoko's Future" states:

"To stimulate the revitalization of the town centers of Kailua and Kaneohe, land use and zoning policy should prevent the introduction of “big box” retail stores or shopping centers consisting
predominately of discount or factory outlet stores within the region. This type of commercial development often results in inappropriate building scale, localized traffic and parking demand impacts, and the economic decline of existing businesses. Koolaupoko does not yet have this type of commercial development, although the region’s population is large enough to support at least one of these stores."

(p. 2-17, Koolaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan, Department of Planning and Permitting, CIty and COunty of Honolulu, August, 2000

Kailua is primarily a small 'local business' town that does NOT have an existing road system to sustain any 'Big Box Store' such as a Target.

Having a Target at the center of Kailua would severely hurt local businesses, it would essentially destroy the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood, and it would create incredibly bad traffic in the area! The Target Plan would eliminate all vendors currently on the Don Quijote property (former theatre and existing bank; restaurants; etc.) as only Target and its associated Archer Deli /Pizza Hut /Starbucks would be contained within the store.

The landowner, Kaneohe Ranch, stands to benefit from a broadened customer base from north of Kaneohe to Hawaii Kai. While Kaneohe Ranch may be able to say it has no right to consent to an assignment of the current lease by Don Quijote to another retail establishment, we would hope that Kaneohe Ranch would be supportive of the community's concerns about traffic and supporting existing Kailua businesses.

Stop Target Committee

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