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Stop taking away Social Security Money from Grieving Widows and Widowers

Social Security is money that has been paid in by the contributor "unlike" grants or welfare or other free money. Did you know that since the 1930s the Government has had in place the rule that when someone dies, their benefits are considered null and void the month they die regardless of the date? Their widow / widower then receives survivor benefits but what about the last month alive of the contributor's life? For example, if you die 12/31, the entire month of December is null and void and they will take it back! Shame! My father passed 12/31, his December income was pulled 1/3. That's right, 3 days later. How can the Government act so quickly when in their interest? The money should be pro-rated and only makes sense to be formulated as such. Did you know the Government keeps that money for themselves? How do I know? Because this just happened to my 86 year old grieving mother. The Government ordered her bank institution to remove the funds from her account. No consideration of whether funds are available or whether expenses are outstanding that she has paid. Doesn't it only make sense that "at least" the amount should be pro-rated per the date the person has died? It should NOT be null and void for the entire month and leave the grieving spouse without monies that is theirs! Stand up for what is right! This is not only for your grand-parents, your parents and yourselves, but the future of your children as well. This is wrong

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President Of The United States President Barack Obama
Stop taking away Social Security Money from Grieving Widows and Widowers. This is NOT what America is about and if you honor doing the right thing like you say you do, then you will do the right thing and stop stealing money from grieving widows and widowers. Amend your law NOW. Pro-rate Social Security Benefits the month a person dies and stop reclaiming it for your own benefit by voiding the month they die. This is wrong and needs to stop now!

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