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STOP Supporting/Funding violent groups e.g. UAF/HnH who want to destroy patriotism in the UK

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Patriots of the UK send their condolences to the family and friends of the soldier murdered on 22nd May 2013 in Woolwich. There can be no justification for such a terrible attack on an individual. But we must recognise that Anti-UK, Anti-Patriotic red fascist organisations such as UAF and Hope Not hate are trying to use the murder to whip up hate and violence against all Patriots in the UK.

Drummer Lee Rigby's family asked that people should not use Lee Rigby's tragic death as a reason to attack other people.
The only groups that turned Saturday into a day of hate, stirred up trouble, incited violence and hatred, and actually were violent (beating up a middle aged lone man) and 58 arrests were UAF, Antifa and HnH. Their hate was plain to see, it was literally pouring out of every pore, never has so much hate been shown towards patriots.
UAF, Antifa and Hope Not Hate are the aggressors, they are the violent ones, and they most certainly are the fascists of today. They are Anti-UK and Anti- Patriotism.

The real face of the UAF - Unite Against Freedom.
The true fascists of today - UAF and HnH Red fascists - Communism and Nazism, both ideologies have striking similarities with Militant Islam. See links below for proof -


read more to find out - Nigel Farage has had to be escorted by police from a second venue in the same number of months due to aggressive protestors  from the hard-Left 'Unite Against Fascism' and Hope not Hate group, read more here - UAF thugs attempted to start riots all over the UK on Saturday 1/06/2013 

Middle aged man violently attacked by members of UAF, beaten and punched to the floor then kicked whilst down. 
Now I don't like the BNP but there is no excuse for this kind of violence, it's just appalling!

See video -

On Saturday whilst laying flowers and wreaths at a War memorial, ex-soldiers and other patriots in Manchester turned their backs on UAF taunts and provocation to applaud the servicemen and women of the British Armed Forces, and in particular Lee Rigby. THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT EDL and the police told UAF they were not EDL yet they still continued to abuse the ex-soldiers, families  with children and other everyday people who just wanted to pay their respects, by calling them Nazi's and fascists. UAF calling British veterans Nazis!! UAF show total disrespect to the memory of our fallen heroes!
Read the full story of events in Manchester including a statement from one of the ex-soldiers, who was disgusted by the behaviour of UAF:

The scene was the same at War memorials all over the country on Saturday where patriots (EDL and non-EDL) laid flowers in respect of Drummer Lee Rigby and all our fallen heroes.

The red fascist Anti-UK, Anti-Patriotism organisations that are trying to stir up trouble and violence in the wake of the Woolwich killing do not care about Drummer Lee Rigby - RIP, his family, the British Armed Forces or the interests of any patriot in the UK. They want only to see Patriots attacked and a war on our streets. All patriots condemn them and oppose their attempts to call “demonstrations” and "counter protests" to exploit these issues.

All patriots also call on the media and politicians to start supporting patriotism and ALL British Armed Forces in the UK. We must challenge Anti-Patriotism wherever it raises its ugly head. We must reject those who want to divide our country and set them against each other, and stand fast to the ideals of having pride in our country, and in our Armed Forces.

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