Stop Stocking Over Wild Trout in Pennsylvania

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Here in Pennsylvania streams that could potentially hold healthy populations of wild trout are being stocked with trout. The stocking of these fish damages the wild populations which provide a much more authentic fishing experience. 

The money that could be saved from stocking so many fish could be used to improve stream habitat and water quality on existing wild trout streams and fix others that could have the ability if given the chance.

This petition is to see how many people actually want the PFBC to stop stocking wild trout streams. Even if it has no effect on anything (which most likely it won't since it's so ingrained into people's minds that trout should be stocked) I still would like to see how many people are against stocking over wild trout populations.

The goal here is to raise more awareness of the situation if nothing else.

Please sign and share if you care about the future of wild trout here in Pennsylvania.