STOP States from shorting Unemployed Citizens of the $300 Federal Aid

STOP States from shorting Unemployed Citizens of the $300 Federal Aid

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25 states have recently announced their choice to STOP distributing Federal Aid that the President granted unemployed American Citizens in January, that was set to last them until September.

ALL of these 25 states exercising this "early" denial of an extra $300 weekly payment to Americas unemployed citizens struggling to survive are governed by a REPUBLICAN.

SIX of these states also hold the bragging rights to being in the BOTTOM TEN LOWEST PAYING states, with an ironically high & impressive Cost of Living Index, while 7 others all hold titles in the BOTTOM 30. 

Already dubbed "NON ESSENTIAL" by a government & society eagerly quick to reprimand anyone offering the slightest discriminating comment against humanity, yet OKAY with calling millions of hard working citizens NON ESSENTIAL, are now being accused of "having no motivation" to return to a workplace, that if it still exists as they knew it before after being forced to leave it through NO FAULT of their own, now face drastically different conditions, PAY, and altered skill sets they never knew they needed prior.

In simple terms, we MUST understand that these BOTTOM paying states, use a SET AMOUNT, that for benefit of doubt & not to single out, totals a combined $253 a week benefit payment.

Regardless of what an employee ACTUALLY MADE, all are paid $253.

I sincerely hope that EACH of these special Governors one day LOSE THEIR job with their CURRENT SALARY and need their states Unemployment benefit of $253 a week, so that they can be a shining role model to those they once exercised such a superiority over to decide that allowing our Federal Goverment to add $300 to that $253 weekly payment at NO LOSS to their state, is MOTIVATION TO STAY UMEMPLOYED & a disgrace to resist  working at the first minimum wage job they worked their whole life NOT to have, IF they are lucky enough to land in a now forcefully flooded job market no actual study they claim to base this crime upon, has, can show them BY EXAMPLE how NON ESSENTIAL, unmotivated and living so large off of their REPUBLICAN dictated benefit amount is in ANY remote way HUMANE at this point, let alone POSSIBLE. 



ONLY THOSE that reside in a REPUBLICAN STATE are being DENIED what they were told would be available until September.

I BEG YOU to let that sink in.

25 STATES stopping the Federal $300 EARLY in a few, short weeks.





Our FRIENDS & FAMILIES have SUFFERED ENOUGH over their petty POLITICAL indifference long enough. These benefits they are now cutting off EARLY, were given GROSSLY TOO LATE to begin with & DELAYED MULTIPLE times due to their inability to COMPROMISE & PUT THE CITIZENS NEEDS FIRST.

Throughout this entire pandemic our "elected" Congressman have CLEARLY SHOWN us only ONE consistently TRUE aspect of the job we pay them to do. 

Allow the American people to WAIT, SUFFER & ultimately be LIED TO in the name of THEIR petty, power tripping, grossly OVERPAID position to decide our fate while living lifestyles the NON ESSENTIAL AMERICAN CITIZENS have been "unmotivated" to provide for them.

I dont know about you who may be reading this, but Im ready to show them AMERICAN MOTIVATION.


PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION that WILL directly affect someone you know in your neighborhood, at your church, at your childs school, or if you are the lucky ones, someone you once knew at your JOB.

And most importantly,

PLEASE SHARE & BLAST this petitions link EVERYWHERE you can, as QUICK as you can.


If THIS is allowed....may God help us all. 
















0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!