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Stop State Retaliation Against African-American Mother and Child And Vacate Fraudulent Order Determining Mother a “Vexatious Litigant”.

For over a decade and continuing, Corrupt Public Employees of Harris County and the State of Texas have blackballed and retaliated against African-American Patricia Potts for reporting law violations committed against her by them. From 1999 to the present, Public Employees interfered with the single mother and child’s housing & employment and subjected Patricia Potts to false defamation of mental illness and repeated involuntary commitments in retaliation for Potts’s reports of law violations committed by Public Employees. And from 2004 to the present, Potts has unsuccessfully attempted to obtain justice by filing civil lawsuits regarding ongoing retaliation from public employees.

In 1999 after Public Employees learned that Patricia Potts had been previously involuntarily committed by her parent and step-parent (who have admitted their attempt to defraud Patricia Potts of her “inheritance rights”), Public Employees also began publishing false defamation that Potts was mentally ill and began subjecting Potts to repeated fraudulent involuntary commitments which were later Dismissed. From 2000 to 2008, the single mother and child endured continuing housing discrimination and homelessness from ongoing false defamation and community knowledge that Potts was attempting to sue Harris County and the State of Texas.

In 2003, the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) was discovered committing fraud and perjury during a retaliatory attempt by TDFPS to gain custody of Potts’s minor daughter for placement in State Foster Care system. The TDFPS had already obtained several other Court Orders regarding Potts thru fraud upon the court. Corrupt TDFPS Officials obtained Default Court Orders against Potts by deliberately failing to serve notice of process or summons to Potts, and by falsely informing Family Judge that Potts was indigent & mentally incompetent and unable to answer summons. TDFPs summarily dropped and dismissed the malicious prosecution against Potts and her minor daughter when it was discovered that the TDFPS had not served process to Potts until after various fraudulent default court orders had already been obtained.

And in 2009, Texas State Employees arrested Patricia Potts and charged her with “criminal mischief” for her attempt to defend herself (and her minor daughter) from her next door neighbor who was assaulting the mother and child with “forced sleep deprivation” in order to interfere with Potts’s pro se litigation of a then current lawsuit regarding retaliation from the State of Texas. State Employees kept Potts in jail six (6) months without giving Potts any Trial by falsely finding Potts mentally incompetent to stand trial, and by involuntarily committing Potts to a psychiatric hospital for mental healthcare during her incarceration. State Employees intentionally misdiagnosed Potts with “Paranoid Schizophrenia” based upon supposed false belief that she was being “persecuted by government employees”. And State Employees assaulted Potts with forced administration of psychiatric drugs despite that Potts’s own primary care physicians had never diagnosed Potts with any mental illness. And Corrupt Public Employees prevented Potts from attending and participating in court hearing (while they unfairly held Potts in jail and/or involuntarily committed) and caused Default Order determining Potts a “Vexatious Litigant” and preventing Potts from filing any more lawsuits in the State of Texas without prior permission from a local administrative judge. And the local administrative judge of Harris County District Courts has consistently refused Potts’s requests to file litigation regarding ongoing retaliation.

As African-American citizens unfairly being subjected to retaliation and civil rights violation by public employees in Houston Texas, Potts and her child’s hopes for legal redress are slim. And Potts and her daughter represent countless numbers of Black citizens in Texas who likewise continue to suffer injustice and racism at the hand of corrupt state and county employees.

But you have the power to stop unlawful ongoing retaliation against this innocent African-American mother and child and to give them justice for a decade of continuously perpetrated homelessness and unemployment and the violation of their constitutional rights by corrupt Texas state and county employees.

Please vacate fraudulent and unconstitutional court order determining Potts a “Vexatious Litigant” and allow Mother and child to obtain justice and damages thru civil lawsuit.   

And Stop withholding appeals court original petitions from Public View on clerk's website.



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