Stop Starbucks and Tim Hortons from using single use plastic straws in Canada.

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In Vancouver, plastic straws have been outlawed and many small coffee shops and other cafes have stopped using plastic straws. But the biggest coffee corporations in Canada is Starbucks by far, and Tim Hortons in a close second. Most coffee drinks are sold by them and they have not made much of an effort to stop using plastic straws.

If other coffee shops can use paper/biodegradable straws, I believe Starbucks and Tim Hortons can too. By signing this petition it will let these major businesses know that we are fed up with their heartlessness for the environment, and that we, the consumers, do care about the earth unlike them. This is a serious problem and if this works, then we can hopefully eventually get them to stop using single use plastic altogether! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to sign this petition. If enough people care I truly believe we can make a change.