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This plan fails to assess Searsville Dam safety concerns!

Beyond Searsville Dam

Dec 20, 2012 — In their May 24, 2007 dam safety inspection report of Searsville Dam, the California Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD) informed Stanford that a detailed safety inspection of Searsville Dam was warranted due to its age and earthquakes since the last such inspection over 40 years prior. At our request, DSOD recommended that Stanford coordinate and carry out this inspection with DSOD staff. In 2010 Stanford requested more time to carry this inspection out by the end of 2012. Stanford failed to carry out this critically important public safety measure. Our November 5, 2012 letter to DSOD points out the numerous safety concerns at Searsville Dam and DSOD is currently reviewing and considering the safety of Searsville Dam in light of this information. The plan we are petitioning fails to assess Searsville Dam safety risks. Read our letter here:


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