Stop Standards Based Grading in Brunswick County, NC

Stop Standards Based Grading in Brunswick County, NC

September 10, 2022
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Brunswick Co School Board Chairman Steven P. Barger and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Christina Casad


Although Brunswick Co Board of Education has stated that Standards Based Grading has been paused until the start of next school year- we have been informed by several sources that it isn't the full truth.

"They haven't really changed anything except the score you look at will be 1-100 instead of 1-4. We are still required to rate tests as 70% of the grade and the rest of the classwork at only 30%. So nothing has actually changed. Tests are still the only thing that counts". 

What has been paused Brunswick County School Board?


Take a moment to watch the video above- From video: "Teachers say the policies they must follow are burning out staff and hurting student achievement. What we have is a whole collection of teachers who are losing their faith in the system. "

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Brunswick co has converted to “Standards based grading”. There are conversion charts on the petition and more information provided but it basically changes from the traditional letter grading to a 1-4 grading scale. “Content will be taught at the foundational level (2.0) and mastery level (3.0). Anything a student does that is above and beyond the standard might be considered at the 4.0 level. Focusing first on mastery of the standards is key.” Meaning most kids will receive a 2 through the year and POSSIBLY end with a 3. No Honor roll to incentivize their hard work. Teachers aren’t prepared and parents are uninformed. It’s like riding a bike and 4 would be learning to do tricks on the bike even though that’s not what’s required to ride a Bicycle. Very few students will receive 4.

Standards-based grading is an unfair way to assess students because it places all emphasis on assessments and performance tasks and most coursework does not count toward the final class grade. This means that students must do well on all tests, which adds unnecessary stress.

The Standards Based Grading will be targeted to reach mastery at a level 4 which is considered over the top mastery and extended learning. However; when the teacher places a numeric grade such as a 77; then the teacher has to put in the score of an 88 because of the conversion table. So you are literally placing a standard attachment and then putting a numeric value on the assessment of 1-4 then putting it in Powerschool or a 1-4 --- ONLY to then be switched by Powerschool to our trading grading system of traditional grading from the previous year. 

There will be no longer be A, or B honor roll. 

Level---Naming----Powerschool Grade
4---Exceeding grade level standards independently---100
3.5---Exceeding grade level standards with help---95
3---Meeting grade level standards independently---88
2.5---Approaching grade level standards independently-78
2---Approaching grade level standards with help---68
1.5---Partial knowledge of grade level standards with help---58
1---Not yet meeting grade level standards---50
<1---Insufficient evidence to determine mastery---INC

Also, the conversion table is on the Brunswick County website but it does not have the original grades on this chart above; it has that if a student reaches a 60 then the Powerschool will have it as a 68 due to this conversion table and be given eight extra points. Why is the true conversion table not being shared with parents... which is the following one.  

Description----Grade---Naming---Calculated Percent---Final Powerschool Grade
EGI---4---Exceeding Grade Level Standards Independently---95-100---100
EGH---3.5---Exceeding grade level standards with help---87-94---95
MGI---3.0---Meeting grade level standards independently---75-86---88
AGI---2.5---Approaching grade level standards idependently---62-74---78
AGH---2.0---Approaching grade level standards with help---50-61---68
PGH---1.5---Partial knowledge of grade level standards with help---37-49---58
NYM---1.0---Not yet met grade level standards---0-36---50
INC---<1---Insufficient evidence to determine mastery---_____

Standardized grading like this is killing questioning for a child because it won't show mastery. This system won't show the future and how it will affect them in the long term. These young brains need to learn and process to grow and thrive by being able to ask questions on all grade levels.

Brunswick County Board of Education Board Members:

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Signatures: 1,521Next Goal: 2,500
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