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Stop St. Judes Raccoon Hunt Fundraiser!

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Raccoons will be hunted for a competition to raise money for St. Judes hospital. They will be treed using AKC coonhounds. Please put this to a stop! The Mothers, if killed, will leave behind their orphaned newborns, leaving them to starve in the brush.  St. Judes needs to stop accepting blood money, and find another way to fundraise! The Hospital denies injury of the raccoons, but we know what "Tree-ing" means: The coon hounds chase the raccoon up a tree, the hunter fires a round into the raccoons rear end, he falls to the ground, and the hunter allows the hounds to rip apart the raccoon....... This cannot happen next year. We need to Mobilize, Take this further than your internet screen, print this off, take it into the city tell all of your friends and family and tell them to spread the word. We need to be writing letters to the board of directors to the AKC and St. Judes. Explain to them that you will not give them anymore money if this continues.  How do you think the children on St. Judes would react if they knew this is how money was being raised? .. Tell everyone! Spead the word, and not just to "the choir" ... THIS NEEDS TO GO FURTHER THAN THE REHAB COMMUNITY !! .. Share it on all sorts of forums, make t-shirts... shout it out loud! THE COON HUNT NEEDS TO END! 

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