Stop Squaw Peak Road Chip Seal

Stop Squaw Peak Road Chip Seal

July 15, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Riley Irvine

Utah County Public works is scheduled alongside the Forest Service to apply a chip-seal to all paved sections of Squaw Peak Road (SPR) by the first week of August. If you are familiar with chip sealed roads, then you can imagine how this would be un-ideal for any recreation area. 

The seasonal section of road at SPR has an existing quality asphalt layer that has been performing for an estimated 15-20 years without the need of a chip seal to extend its lifetime. There are sections of the road that need patching and repair work, but now even those repairs being done appear to be uneven work. Resulting in a surface layer rougher than even the chip seal they intend to finish it with. 


  • This information, scheduling, and planning for this project is not being made readily available to the public. Which prevents the taxpayers from being involved in any decision making. 
  • The surface project will use budget to chip seal this seasonal road that has been unnecessary previously. 
  • The irregular surface chip seal put on the road causes damage to vehicles, and is an inconsistent surface which results in hazards or accidents at times for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, pedestrians, and other users. 
  • Recreation areas should be considered unique in the needs of the citizen recreators, and further tailored within reason to be ideal as possible for recreation.
  •  With the rates of Mental health Issues, and depression on the rise, combined with population growth, we need our recreation areas more than ever.


  • Stop and or delay the work being done to the road surface of the seasonal SPR. and further reconsider the project for the needs of its recreators and taxpayers.
  • Evaluate additional improvements that could use funding. Including cycling lanes, road lines, paved pull outs, dedicated turn arounds, parking, increased signage.
  • Display information of proposals, plans, and scheduling for the projects in recreation areas for the public to take notice. An information/map center for this area would be a great way to keep the public informed on matters and developments.

Public comment was made at the July13, 2022 Utah County Commission Meeting, to request the delay of this project for further reconsideration of the recreation area and to retain an ideal road surface. Afterwards county staff received our message in more detail, and have stated they will be in contact after reviewing the project. The county would like to be aware of the community's support for this matter. 

This petition is to serve for those who want this project to be reconsidered, desire to be informed, and would like to be involved in making Squaw Peak Outdoor Recreation Area a better place for the future.


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Signatures: 1,070Next Goal: 1,500
Support now