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Stop Pesticide Spraying in Houston

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The Texas Department of health services is spraying Naled, a deadly insecticide, over the heads of unknowing citizens in Montgomery, Harris, and Liberty counties.

Beginning on the evening of September 14, 2017, 910th Airlift Wing began spraying pesticides from a C-130 aircraft over the heads of unknowing citizens. This pesticide is called Naled and is dangerous to Humans and our environment. 


According to the EPA, Naled is a pesticide that is consider HIGHLY TOXIC to bees, HIGHLY TOXIC to birds, and TOXIC to aquatic life. 


Naled effects the Human nervous system in frightening ways. Syptomys of exposure to Naled include: headaches, muscle twitching, nausea, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing. In addition, Naled breaks down into Dichorvos: A VERY DANGEROUS CHEMICAL.

Montgomery County carried out these sprayings without the knowledge of its residents, without the permission of its residents, and without the best interest of its residents in minds. 

While we understand the need to control mosquitos, the residents of Montgomery, Harris, and Liberty want to remain healthy, and want the environment to remain healthy. We do not believe that spraying insecticides is the way to achieve this. Naled not only effects other insects, but also Human beings.  

Let's end the spraying today.


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