Stop spending Public Money on the political events & ceremonies!

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We still have massive poverty all over India. Income inequalities are not narrowing down, rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer.

On one hand thousands of our countrymen don't even get meals twice a day; on the other hand we can notice daily thousands of events & ceremonies are taking place all over India. In all these ceremonies we spend crores of rupees on erection of stages, sitting arrangements, lighting, flower garlands, decorations and sound system. Stop wasting Public Money!

Delhi is our Capital and Mumbai is Financial Capital therefore, I am expecting two young leaders, CM of these states to drive this initiative. Appeal your supporters to further drive this initiative. Stop accepting flower bouquet and garlands from followers, supporters & public. Hon. CM, Hon. PM & other Hon. ministers attend many public functions daily and we can save millions if we stop wasting money on such meaningless gestures.

I hope that countrymen will agree on this point that we should reduce meaningless expenditure on huge flower garlands which one can't even bear for more than 2 minutes. Hereby, I would like to appeal people to stop wasting money on presenting such flower bouquet and garlands to politicians or chief guests in ceremonies. Even if people won't present flower bouquet and garlands, the public representatives have to perform their duties. Stop wasting money! There are better ways of showing respect & loyalty towards your favourite leaders.

Now, 2019 General Elections are approaching and there will be political campaigns all over India and politicians will spend millions of rupees on these flower garlands. Election Commission should intervene and stop this nonsense!