Stop Southwark Metals moving to Windsor Grove, West Norwood

Stop Southwark Metals moving to Windsor Grove, West Norwood

9 January 2020
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Helen Hayes (MP for West Norwood and East Dulwich)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sandi Lands

We oppose the plans for a major scrap yard in West Norwood for the following reasons:

Southwark Metals is a big family run business linked with Urban & Provincial, a real-estate development company.  Due to a massive public outcry, they have proposed a reduction of throughput capacity in their plan from 35,000 tonnes per year to 25,000 TPA. This cannot be effectively enforced meaning that inevitably the numbers will creep back up. This reduction will have minimal impact on noise and air pollution, traffic gridlock and road safety.  

Their choice of location shows little concern for the impact on the nearby schools and residents, and the impact of bulk carriers and other HGVs down the length of Lambeth and on local West Norwood roads. Southwark Metals, currently operating from its Old Kent Road yard, has a redevelopment opportunity that is worth millions to them at a different scrap yard they own at Herne Hill.  They need to act fast to find a new home for its capacity, and they can’t afford to be sensitive to us in West Norwood.

Southwark Metals and Urban & Provincial have identified an unsuitable location, down Windsor Grove, a narrow road off Norwood High Street, for their scrap metal “recycling” plant.  This just happens to back onto Kingswood Primary School, Park Campus Academy and Windsor Close housing. Southwark Metals is stating for their new scrap yard approx. 75 vehicles in then out DAILY. Original SM data states 65% HGVs, 35% light vans and cars.  They say they will cap HGVs at 38tonnes, but can this be enforced? HGVs can be up to 44 tonnes. Southwark Metals wishes vehicles to arrive and leave Windsor Grove via Norwood High Street and Elder Road. In reality most of the vehicles will use whichever roads they wish, including through our already congested town centre.  This is only their estimate and, if not challenged, likely optimistically lower than reality. If Southwark Metals start operations there will be no recourse when the figures turn out differently. That’s 75 vehicles in, 75 vehicles out, moving up and down Norwood High Street, Elder Road and the surrounds EACH DAY!

For those who don’t know, the intended site is past Travis Perkins Builders’ Merchant and almost opposite GNK Builders’ Merchant both on Norwood High Street. These already produce loads of traffic and already block roads with their own large trucks parking on the street, and using the entire road-width when entering and
leaving the sites.

If the plan goes ahead the diesel HGVs will add to already high pollution levels, with engines idling whilst in traffic and/or waiting to pass. Consider school children’s health from all the local schools, them crossing the roads these trucks would use, and emergency vehicles needing to speed past this congestion. The amount of
heavy traffic this yard anticipates to handle 25,000 tonnes per year is frightening!  

Have a look at the fleet of trucks proudly displayed on their website  and what they currently deal with on a daily basis at their Old Kent Road location.  It is the capacity of the Old Kent Road site (not the Herne Hill redevelopment site) that will move to West Norwood. The enlarged Windsor Grove site is planned to encroach into the wooded Network Rail land which is designated by Lambeth as a SINC – a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation – an area that the Friends of Kingswood Primary School had been in negotiation with Network Rail to use for a forest school.

The key to Southwark Metals choosing West Norwood is that they need a replacement site within Lambeth to meet Lambeth’s policy of no net loss of waste site capacity.  It is obvious that the West Norwood site and location are highly unsuitable for 25,000 tonnes per year.  With the current traffic flow and narrow one-way systems their proposal is just plain ridiculous! They have recently amended their proposal to try sugar-coat it, We must not be fooled!

Their Herne Hill location has a building development plan worth MILLIONS. West Norwood is essential for their plan to go ahead. 

We’re being used.  All of Lambeth will be affected.

Oppose this plan!

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Signatures: 5,635Next Goal: 7,500
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  • Helen HayesMP for West Norwood and East Dulwich