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Stop South Dakota from Requiring Climate Skepticism Lessons in Schools


South Dakota is about to pass a bill that would require public schools to teach students that climate change is “largely speculative” and not a scientific fact.

The bill is awaiting final approval in the state’s House and we need to let South Dakota legislators know that we’re watching and that we want them to stand up for science and honest education for children. They need to hear from us and understand that passing this bill will be both detrimental to their children’s education and an embarrassment for their state.

The South Dakota legislature is trying to push conservative ideology, and sideline science, in public schools. Sign the petition to tell the state’s leaders to stop this bill immediately.

Letter to
South Dakota State House
South Dakota Governor
I am writing to tell you that I am shocked and appalled that your state is about to pass legislation that would force public schools to teach children that climate change isn’t real.

If you pass this bill it will major embarrassment for your state and I urge you to stand up for science and stop trying to legislate ideology.

Our schools should teach real science and provide cutting-edge education. This bill does just the opposite and ultimately will disadvantage the students of the South Dakota public schools.