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Stop SOPA-or large media moguls will own the Internet

Should SOPA ("Stop Online Piracy Act" ) pass, it is highly adviseable for you to DELETE your Facebook, Twitter, or any personal blog - because so much as posting a LINK to any kind of work including news item-can be subject to criminal prosecution. In other words, any kind of social media forum will be TOO DANGEROUS to use.  If you don't believe me, WATCH the above video and learn.

SOPA "Stop online Piracy Act" the people who try to get the law passed put up $100 million in lobbying funds to get this accomplished so they can control the internet--are the SAME PEOPLE who distributed the file sharing software in the first place (e.g., CBS's CNET distributed Kazaa, Limewire, etc). These corporations -owned by the large media moguls--are the ones who profited from the distribution of the file sharing software and taught people to use it and turned around and SUED them for billions of dollars, for said use. Bottom line is this: The large media moguls will own the Internet, and control what's on it.

Never mind the fact that there are countless pedophiles stalking children online; the drug cartel and gangs are proliferating-that's insignificant-but if you so much as post a link to a news item the FBI can swoop down. USA is determined to turn the whole country into one giant PRISON (at tax payers' expense of course) due to this "Stop Online Piracy Act" - it would be HIGHLY advisable to delete one's Facebook or Twitter (or any other social media and personal blog) because it would be too dangerous to use, should SOPA pass.

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