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Stop Slots Prince George's

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1. $132 to $376.2 Million Costs to Prince George’s Families Too Great
Thousands of video lottery terminals ("slots") in Prince George's County are estimated to create between 3,847 to 20,334 problem/pathological gamblers costing between $132.2 and $376.2 million dollars. Studies conducted throughout the U. S. have correlated gaming with heightened rates of problem and pathological gambling, higher rates of crime, elevated rates of personal/household bankruptcy, and strained personal and family relationships.

2. Young Black & Hispanic Men Most At-risk of Problem Gambling
About 1 in 30 Maryland adults have a gambling problem. And,
“People in the 18 to 29 age group appear most at risk of developing gambling problems. Being male, single, African-American or other races (primarily Hispanic) are associated with an increase in the odds of being at risk for problem/pathological gambling.”

3. The Slots Parlor is Proposed for A Foreclosure “Hot Spot”
Rosecroft Raceway (zip code: 20744) and National Harbor (20745), potential sites of the proposed casino/slot parlor are in Fort Washington, a community that has been deemed a foreclosure “hot spot” by the State of Maryland for the “very high” number of Notices of Intent to Foreclose filed on homeowners/property there.

4. Rosecroft  & National Harbor are Surrounded by “Severe” &“Very High” Foreclosure Hot Spots
The neighboring and nearby communities – Oxon Hills (zip code: 20745), Temple Hills (20748) and Capitol Heights (20743) are all “hot spots”. Prince George's County has 24.5% of all homes/homeowners in the State of Maryland that are at risk of foreclosure.

5. The Bodycount – Homicides in Prince George’s County in 2011
Over half of the murders in the county in 2011 occurred in four zip codes -- the Fort Washington/Oxon Hills zip codes that could house the casino 20744 and 20745, and nearby Temple Hills (20748) and Capitol Heights (20743). Over 40% of the murders during the January 2011 murder spree occurred in those communities.

6. Temple Hills & Capitol Heights - Cash Cows for National Gaming Interests
“Hot Spot” communities Temple Hills (20748) and Capitol Heights (20743) are 2 of the top 3 gambling zip codes in Maryland by lottery sales. They also represent over one-third of all Prince George’s murders in 2011. In 2002, in Capitol Heights alone, people bought $26 million worth of scratch-offs.

7. Prince George’s County #1 in Lottery Sales – A Nickel back on the $1
In 2002, Prince George’s County was the top grossing jurisdiction in lottery sales in Maryland, purchasing $277 million in lottery tickets out of a total $1.3 billion in sales across the state. In 2003, the state lottery provided $432 million to Maryland’s $22 billion operating budget. Prince George’s County got 16% ($703 million) of the state’s aid to local governments, including roughly a nickel back for education, public safety and other local services for every $1 spent on lottery tickets in Prince George's County.

8. Forbes’ Magazine’s 25 Worst Paying Jobs in America
Next to the high-paying biotechnology and health care jobs in Montgomery County and high technology jobs in Fairfax County, a slot parlor will re-brand Prince George’s County as the Washington Metropolitan area’s “gambling mecca” and promises to bring thousands of hourly jobs Forbes Magazine has branded among the 25 worst-paying jobs in America. According the U.S. Dept. of Labor, the median hourly wage for “gaming services workers” range from $5.76 to 9.03.

9. Local Businesses Suffer
Perhaps, Donald Trump summed it up best: "People will spend a tremendous amount of money in casinos, money that they would normally spend on buying a refrigerator or a new car. Local businesses will suffer because they lose customer dollars to the casinos."

10. Addicted Parents Put Their Children At Risk
In the summer of 2010, at just one casino there were 6 documented instances of kids left alone in a car while the adult gambled. A California couple left their newborn in a car while they gambled. Two weeks later, a Connecticut couple left their children in the car while they gambled at Foxwood Casino. A Philadelphia man left his toddler in car so he could play slots. In all three cases, the adults were arrested; some lost custody.

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7. Maryland Department of Legislative Services, Fiscal Briefing ( January 21, 2003) & 90-Day Report.
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