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They deserve a better life to be slaughtered at such a young age. Horses mean so much to us and we treat them with death. No. Because horses don't mean a lot to other people in other countries that DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY ARE IMPORTANT TO THE U.S BECAUSE THEY ARE.  They are company ,friends, everything that a lot of people need. They help the disabled ride and learn to trust and grow stronger everyday. THEY WERE THE ONES WHO HEPLED US FIGHT DURING THE WAR. We need them on our side and they need our help to stand up for them. We are the ones who lend them the wings they can't use. We MUST Stop this cruel treatment of our horses. SIGN THIS AND STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF HORSES.

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Stop Hore Slaughter!
We have to stop this cruel way of horse treatment. Horses deserve a better life then to be killed at a young age when they could have someone who actually loves them. They mean a lot to us but to others they mean nothing. They deserve someone who cares and loves them. They have helped and done many things for us NOW IT IS OUR TURN TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEM.
Help the horses by signing and sharing this to your friends and family. Help get the word out that there are more people wanting to save horses.

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