Stop sign and cross walk for La Costa Heights Elementary at Levante and Morada

Stop sign and cross walk for La Costa Heights Elementary at Levante and Morada

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Started by Courtnay Kenney

Cross Walk and Stop Sign at Levante and Morada - PLEASE HELP 

Hello neighbors! I am the parent of a student at La Costa Heights Elementary school in Carlsbad. I am deeply concerned about the safety of our children in route to school while crossing Levante and Morada. I have been working with the city on evaluating the need for a crosswalk and stop sign at Levante and Morada, an intersection which students regularly cross to and from La Costa Heights Elementary school which is on Levante. It's a very fast intersection with little children constantly crossing, often times unsupervised by adults. I have seen so many near collisions with these poor little kids as they generally cross one side of the road through stopped cars in traffic to then pop out to the other side of the road, not looking at upcoming traffic going the other direction. I myself have almost been hit here, as an adult. The school and school staff fully sees and supports the need for a cross walk and from what I understand has attempted to get one in this location many times as well. SO MANY neighbors and concerned parents have spoken with the city about this need, and yet we have been repeatedly denied. This isn't okay with me - it's all our responsibilities to keep our children safe especially to and from school. Not all parents have the luxury of picking up their children and those children should arrive home safety, without a known hazard that A LOT of parents are trying to fix. Please help me use our voice to get this considered once again. I will now be calling the police every time I see a near collision because I see it almost daily. A small child could have easily been killed this week had a car not stopped suddenly after the child crossed through cars which were waiting and stopped in traffic into oncoming traffic going the opposite direction on Levante, thankfully the woman driving the car was paying attention and slammed on her brakes. This will absolutely be on the city when a child get hurts, it's not IF - it's when. 

I'd love any ideas to help get petitioned and over turned. I'd love any help as well. 


Thank you for your patience as staff evaluated your request for an All-Way STOP and a marked crosswalk on Levante Street at Morada Street. The analysis for an All-Way STOP required review of traffic volumes, collision history at the intersection and a sight distance evaluation based on the guidelines found in the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MTCD).

The purpose of a STOP sign is to assign right-of-way at an intersection. STOP signs should only be installed when traffic conditions warrant their use. Unjustified STOP signs are often perceived as a nuisance by drivers and observance of an unjustified STOP sign can deteriorate after installation. This can cause an unsafe condition not only at the subject intersection but at other locations where STOP signs are warranted.

STOP signs are typically only installed on the minor legs of an intersection to assign the right-of-way. A multi-way STOP can be considered when the delay on the side street (Morada Street) is large enough to justify stopping all vehicles on the major street (Levante Street) and volumes of traffic on the two intersecting streets are approximately equal. The minimum traffic volume requirement for the analysis was not satisfied at the intersection. Recent traffic counts show that traffic on Levante Street is approximately eight times greater than the traffic entering from Morada Street.

Staff also reviewed the traffic collision history at the intersection. As of today, our traffic collision database indicates that there have been no reported collisions at the intersection going back to January 1, 2016. The CA MUTCD states that an “accident problem” is typically indicated by five or more reported traffic collisions within a 12-month period of a type susceptible to correction by a multi-way stop (right-angle collisions). Please note that traffic collision data is not used by itself when determining whether a multi-way STOP installation is justified but collision information, along with other factors, can help determine if a multi-way STOP is a good solution for a given location.

Sight distance was also evaluated at the intersection. The minimum stopping sight distance required on Levante Street at Morada Street is 150 feet. A motorist stopped on Morada Street at 15 feet behind the travel way can see 305 feet to the east and 280 feet west on Levante Street. Staff understands the sight distance may be reduced during the school drop-off and pick-up hours with parked cars. Staff will evaluate if additional red curbs are needed to enhance visibility of pedestrians at the intersection.  

Based on our findings, staff cannot support establishing an All-Way STOP at the intersection of Levante Street at Morada Street.

The city will not support a marked crosswalk at an uncontrolled intersection such as Levante Street and Morada Street since it would give pedestrians a false sense of security. It is a legal crossing at the intersection but pedestrians are required to yield the right-of-way to all vehicles on the roadways. Staff highly recommends directing students to use the marked crosswalks on Levante Street at Romeria Street. These crosswalks are controlled by the all-way Stop at the intersection where cars are required to stop for pedestrians crossing. The crosswalks are right in front of the school and only approximately 450 feet from Morada Street. In addition, there is an Adult Crossing Guard assigned during the school drop off and pick up hours to guide students crossing the street. Staff will inform the school of our evaluations and will recommend they encourage the students to cross at Romeria Street instead of crossing at Morada Street.

Thanks again for your patience as staff conducted the necessary studies. Although our findings did not support your request for an all-way STOP, we understand your concerns and will continue to monitor the situation. Your comments have been duly noted and staff will also notify the police department of your observations.

*** PLEASE NOTE - red curbs will do absolutely nothing to stop this intersection from being dangerous. The danger is that kids are crossing in stopped traffic on one side and popping out the other side into oncoming traffic, which is often must faster and also on a downhill which makes it harder to see the small children.

19 have signed. Let’s get to 25!