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Give Carol Driscoll her job back!

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My mother, Carol Driscoll, a loyal employee of Stop & Shop for over 14 years has been unjustly put on "suspension" from work which could lead to a termination from her job. Here's the story:

Carol came back from her break at Stop & Shop (in the final stretch of a 14 hour day, which included a back to back shift with her second job). She quickly logged into her register and began ringing up her first customer. Halfway through the transaction, the customer handed her a Stop & Shop card he said must have been left behind by a previous customer, and she took it to put behind the register. Shortly after, Carol gave the customer his final total as she started to bag his items. The customer then asked for her to put in the "store card". In her haste, she picked up and swiped the card her had given her earlier, thinking he must have handed it to her already which is why he was asking. The customer finished his transaction without saying anything and left. A few minutes later, one of the Stop & Shop supervisors comes over to close her register, saying to her that a "security employee" of Stop & Shop had reported back to management that she had fraudulantly used her own personal card in place of the "store card". Carol tried to explain that she had mistakenly used another customer's card that was left behind in place of the "store card" thinking it was his. She was immediately let go without further discussion for the remainder of the day and was told she was being put on suspension with terms for termination.

Now, the Stop & Shop employees do have a personal special savings card with "Associate Rewards" including a 5% back bonus, and other perks from time to time (including gas rewards) - and there is a HUGE PROBLEM with employees using their personal rewards card in place of the "store card", which is indeed fraudulant use. However, as we can see here this was a giant misinterpretation of a situation that was definitely a mistake but not for means of termination. CAROL DID NOT USE HER PERSONAL CARD AT ALL - and in the heat of the moment just happened to make a very honest error. And this so-called "security employee" knew that the card was not hers: it was left behind by a previous customer and he gave it to her, unless it was all just a setup to see what she would do. Anyway, there would be customer information in the computer systems for the transaction, which I have told my mother to have Stop & Shop lookup to at least prove that it was not her personal card - which they have refused to do!!! Carol is currently in the works with her union, but it's been just over 2 weeks and they said that things are not looking good.

It's unfair for Stop & Shop to bully my mother out of a job, especially such a veterened employee with NOT ONE OTHER previous incident of misconduct!! I have a feeling they are doing some serious down-sizing in preparation for their new empire they are building, and are trying to "weed through" older staff, in other words: ones who have been employed long enough for benefits and union membership status.

Please sign this petition if you think my mother does excellent work at her job and deserves it back! At the very minimum she is allowed a proper investigation into the incident in question, which so far has been denied. Stop & Shop needs to treat their employees and their customers like human beings instead of replaceable cogs in their evil machine! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH STOP AND SHOP!!! We are not your play-things!

I know I would miss seeing her there and your signature will show that you would too, THANKS!

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