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Stop Shark Finning and the West Australian Shark Fin Trade to Asia


The Western Australian Government has been undertaking trade missions to China to promote the export of shark fins.
Every year an average of 38 million sharks are killed to fuel the shark fin trade. This has led to a global crisis in shark conservation, with many shark species in decline due to the value of their fins. One third of open ocean sharks now face risk of extinction. The practice of finning, cutting the fins off a shark and throwing the animal back into the ocean to die, is inherently cruel as well as being ecologically destructive. Sharks act as apex predators in their environment, maintaining the balance of all life beneath them. This trade encourages shark finning and allows for illegal shark finning leading to further decline of shark species.

The Asutraliana and iternational community urge you to protect sharks and not allow for increased exploitation at a long term ecological and economic loss to Australian Fishermen, divers and people who rely on the health fo the ocean.

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  • Premiere of West Australia
    The Honorurable Colin Barnett MLA,
  • WA Fisheries Minister
    Norman Moore

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