Stop Second-Hand Smoke

Stop Second-Hand Smoke

June 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Since the legalization of marijuana, it is impossible to take a walk, go to the park, or even open the window without being forced to breathe in the second hand smoke. Pedestrians, bikers and drivers can be seen smoking joints, leaving clouds of harmful inhalants to which non-smokers and children get exposed.

Cannabis exposure (including second hand) is known to increase mental illness, autism, drug addiction, heart attacks, breast cancer, testicular cancer, types of lymphoma, all organ cancers, create genetic mutations in up to four generations, increase homicides, increase vehicular crashes and more. 

Cannabis causes worse health outcomes than tobacco, and new studies show the new higher THC marijuana is worse than tobacco and alcohol combined. 

The taxes earned from all the cannabis sales will not make up for the increased healthcare costs that its usage causes.

What kind of message does it send to our children to see people driving, biking and walking around with this neurotoxic, addictive substance?

If people want marijuana, they can eat it, inject it or apply it topically. The rest of us shouldn't have to  breathe it and suffer decreased health and wellbeing. 

2018 study: Second hand marijuana smoke is three times worse than second hand tobacco smoke

2016 study: One minute of inhaled marijuana smoke damages blood vessels

2007 study: Marijuana smoke contains more toxins than cigarette smoke

2016 study: High percentage of one-year-olds with bronchitis test positive for THC exposure

2006 study: Marijuana impairs memory and learning

2020 study: Pregnant mom's cannabis use harms the unborn child.

2005: Pot doubles fatal car crashes

2009 study: Marijuana damages DNA

2019 study: Five years of recreational legalization has tripled Colorado's already high emergency room pot visits, per the journal Annals of Internal Medicine for heart trouble, uncontrollable vomiting, and psychotic episodes.

2018 study: Half of all first-time patients admitted for drug treatment worldwide are for cannabis, which therefore is even more than for heroin and cocaine combined, according to Psychological Medicine.

More peer-reviewed studies all in one place:                          

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Signatures: 119Next Goal: 200
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