Petition Update

We have received 3,418 signatures as of today 10/19/2012

sybille castro
kenai, AK

Oct 20, 2012 — Thank you to all of my supporters and signers of my petition to stop the gruel and horrific commercial slaughter of thousands of innocent baby harp seals on the Canadian Ice. Every signature is an email to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Senators are discussing and proposing laws to end the seal killing. We can not give up and we need to continue be the voices of the voiceless. The world does no longer want seal products, and slowly but surely the sentiment is changing and hopefully, perhaps, we will have a new beginning next year when finally no more seals will be killed for commercial use. So much more work to be done..........
Thank you to all of you, your precious heart and compassionate soul, thank you my fellow human sisters and brothers for taking time out and signing my petition. Please be so kind and send it on, send it into the world, the more signatures the more emails to the Canadian PM, in the hope that his rigid stance will soften and his heart will turn around.