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 Tyler Vitiello senior team captain , running back for the Saddle Brook Falcons was severely injured on 11/5/11 from a helmet to helmet collision.He was being recruited from over 30 Universities and Colleges for football scholarships. All have been lost, the schools once chasing after him have faded away into a memory. As a result of the impact Tyler received a severely broken neck, and a severe spinal cord injury paralyzing him instantly on the football field from the neck down. Tyler endured a ten hour surgery to save his life. He has rods, plates and screws supporting his unstable spine. He has been moved to Kessler Rehabilitation in West Orange , NJ to fight every single day for his life back. His journey has not been easy, he has endured sever pain and suffering that I have ever seen . He never gave up hope and he fought every single day to regain his mobility. Tyler was wearing a 14 year old football helmet. It was manufactured in 1997 and the warranty expired in 2003. This helmet should not have been on my child. I want to have legislation written in the state of NJ and hopefully throughout the entire United States to protect our children from catastrophic injuries such as my own child has gone through.The new helmets have far better protection to absorb the impact of such type of hits as my child endured. The technology far exceeds in the newer helmets what my son was wearing. Companies try to cut corners as well as school districts to save money by having these horribly outdated helmets refurbished, instead of replacing such old helmets. The refurbishing is done from the manufacturers not a third party without financial interest in the process.THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. We can do better than this. The company who manufactured my sons helmet has been convicted of fraud in my state of nj. for paying off school districts and coaches, to not refurbish the helmets and save money..THEY HAVE BEEN CONVICTED OF THIS IN THE PAST>  how they can they be trusted in the future.. WE MUST PASS A LAW TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN>Parents should be able to let their kids play football confident that the equipment they're using has been created with the best science and technology for protection of injury.Tyler's life has been changed forever. He suffers from so many things from his spinal cord injury. The list is too vast to put on this page. You can help me protect our children by please signing this petition to save a child. Each child should be wearing the most protective up to date gear as possible especially football players . please visit Tyler's  site: and you can read about Tyler. I almost lost my child forever that awful day back in November, lets work together to help protect anyone from going through what my poor son has to endure for the rest of his life . Thank you for caring

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