STOP SCC plans for the destruction of The Springs Environmental and Conservation Reserve

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Update:-  A single change to the proposed Division 7 boundary has been implemented and the area of The Springs Environmental and Conservation Reserve Buderim has now been moved to Division 7 Sunshine Coast Council - re-elected in this division Councillor Ted Hungerford.  The Springs no longer sits under the Sippy Downs Town Centre Division 6 after a review of divisional boundaries therefore this Environmental Reserve should not be included in any further plans for the Sippy Downs Town Centre.

Cr Dickson Sunshine Coast Council shared a link on the Sippy Downs Community Facebook page regarding road upgrade information, advising construction of a new road which will run from Goshawk Blvd Buderim through The Springs Environmental and Conservation Reserve to Power Road. The destruction of this Environmental Reserve will have a devastating impact on the wildlife and habitat, including kangaroo’s, wallaby's, lace monitor lizards, frogs, possums, echidna’s and an abundance of bird life. The noise and extra traffic this new road will bring will also affect you and your quite suburban lifestyle, so many of us use the reserve to walk our dogs or enjoy a stroll with the kids.  We have seen enough loss lately in Zone 6 with the destruction of our environment along Sippy Downs Drive, Stringybark Road, Jorl Court and Toral Drive for progress.  The building of 100's of townhouse's, units, shopping centres,  fast food restaurants and soon an RSL has to stop. This is one of the last Environment and Conservation zones in our area that with your support we can help save!