Stop �� saying disabled people, are fit for work, when they are NOT!

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My mum was threatened that her money would be stopping, because she was too unwell to make a jobcentre appointment.That morning she died, after trying to get the strength together to go and get it sorted.previously they took her money away ,and only gave us £20 to live on! In 2013 ,Fortunately my Dad who was widowed from his second wife helped us with some food.after 12months aprox she finally got her money back,all this time they kept saying that due to her change of circumstances she's fit for work.when she died this was proof that she definitely was not!! The coroner said, that "we  found many health issues and your mother was very very ill for quite some time!... I can't go into all that happened ,it would take an eternity! But it has to be  stopped now!! Sanctions for people who are too ill is inhumane and wrong on many levels.