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Analysing The "Annullment" of Uganda's anti-LGBT Law

Milton Allimadi
New York, NY

Aug 2, 2014 — [Dear Supporters, Sam Kutesa's boss Gen. Museveni is coming to Washington on August 4 for the U.S.-Africa Leaders' Summit. The anti-LGBT law was reportedly "annulled" today, August 1, 2014 by the Constitutional Court in Uganda on a technicality, meaning Parliament can pass the law correctly next time. Please sign the new petition opposing Gen. Museveni and let everyone know about it if you have not yet signed it. Here is the link]

Also please read and share my analyses of today's announcement that Uganda's anti-LGBT law had been "annulled."

Here's also an article about Rep. Charles Rangel condemning Gen. Museveni's remarks about Slavery, Hitler and the LGBT community


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