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Across the nation the college dream is being hinder. As college tuition continues to rise the idea of college is becoming less tangible for many students. Parents and students across the nation are having trouble affording the fees associated with college. The number of parents and students with these financial troubles is growing as tuition increases.

Kim Clark reported in an online article, “College Tuition Prices Continue to Rise”, that in 2006 alone the price of college increased six percent. This increase is more rapid then than inflation of financial aid causing college to become more and more expensive. This increase is hurting the chances of children from low income families to attend college. Another shocking figure reported by the U.S. Department of Education website, is that the federal government has a 69.9 billion dollar budget for education. This number may appear large but to put that number in perspective, another source states that “To date, Pentagon spending in Iraq has reached $620 billion, compared with $190 billion in Afghanistan”( Wolf).

If only a fraction of this money was put in to federal financial aid system the impact would be tremendous. It is time for the U.S. government to invest more money in to the education system of America and provide everyone an opportunity to attend college. A child’s college dream should not be determined by money. Everyone should be granted the opportunity to peruse a high education. It is time for the U.S. government to focus on the education of the children of America and better aid struggling families who cannot afford high tuition.

Write congressmen informing them the need for more funding for education by the U.S government.


Letter to
President of the United States
I am asking that you spend more money on financial assistance for college students and stop the increasing tuition across the nation.

I am a college student at the University of Tampa, who has encountered many problems affording tuition. I have taken out loans to help pay for college this year. I had trouble paying the price of tuition this year and I was informed a month ago that my tuition will be going up next year. I have researched online about rising tuition of college and I have found some shocking facts. In an article titled “College Tuition Prices Continue to Rise”, Kim Clark states that in 2006 alone the price of college increased six percent. This increase is hurting many students chance of attending college due to financial stress.
I am asking that you put more money into the federal financial aid systems to help low income families across the nation afford the college dream. If a fraction of the money used on wars was put into college financial assistance many struggling families would be able to afford tuition

Thank You
Rick McCoy

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