Stop Revenue Raising

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Too many lives are being lost on our roads. We are told that "speed kills /every k over is a killer”, or could it be the fact that we are not actually trained to drive properly? If we used our common sense, training our drivers to be more competent behind the wheel would surely be the first priority in addressing the road toll.

Are the authorities truly serious about reducing the road toll? Or are they more concerned about being able to continue to use that line as a convenient way of raising huge revenues through unfair and unreasonable use of speed cameras. An example – a police camera some distance from the bottom of even a very short hill taking advantage of the fact that a small margin of error in speed will gain them extra revenue. We are now being forced to continually look up and down at our speedos in fear of being unreasonably fined. Wouldn’t this come under the category of “driving with undue care and attention”? I think so and believe it to be hypocritical for us to be forced to do this!

Let’s get real about this. Government funded driver education has got to be the only way to address the road toll issue with perhaps an extra bonus of more realistic highway speeds with better flow of traffic and less “road rage”. It would be a worthwhile investment. Why can’t we just be honest with ourselves and use common sense solutions?