STOP RETAILERS from having shoppers try on UNDERWEARS.

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So I notice that majority of the stores do not allow people to try on under garments or return them once purchased. Which is a good thing. I wash everything I buy in stores but not having can or can afford to do so.  MY EXPERIENCE WAS WITH THIS STORE! One day I followed a friend to into a in downtown Brampton store to buy scrubs. I was waiting by the change room for her. I over heard a lady asking if she can try these I looked! The lady had 5 or so bras in her hand. So I asked the store employee if they allow people to try bras on....she said yes! I was in shock!!!. So I asked the employee working that section what about under wears she said. "Yes, I personally don't agree but its not in my hands.". I was so disgusted by this I needed to say something this is disgusting!! Noone should be allowed to walk off the road, enter your store and try on undergarments. #PLEASE SHARE AS THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!