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i know that SC and ST were very much unprivileged at a time but today's current status is that FC and other higher castes are getting deprived of their rights.even admission are given in prestigious schools and colleges such as IIT not on the basis of their merits but on the basis of their  caste. this is also a reason for slow development of the country the talented people are not able to show their talent because they are general or FC .the talented move to US basically for 2 reasons:-one is salary and the other one which is more important is they will not be able to show their talents here in India.i strongly recommend that constitution should be amended in such a way that all caste should get equal rights nevertheless giving rights to FC or SC or ST etc... otherwise there will be a vicious cycle formed in which constitution should be amended every 200 years giving privilege to a  particular caste.JAI HIND!