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Stop requisition of private cars for elections without owners consent

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Recently, there have been several reports about private vehicles being "forcefully" requisitioned without the owners' consent for election duty. Whereas this may seem the least of the concerns in an otherwise large country, the thought of my car being requisitioned for election duty scares me, as I am sure it will be scary to others who have bought a car with their hard earned money or paying an EMI for the same. Imagine you being asked to send your car to a designated place, for days you have no clue where your car is and when you get it back it is nothing more than a box made of iron on four wheels. And you have to foot the bill for the repairs, as only god only can say when will the government compensate you for the damages.


I very much agree that we live in a democratic country and elections are the most important exercise of any democracy, but where does it give the right to the state to requisition private property for government use? Doesn't that same constitution on which our democracy is based give me the right to protect something which is rightfully and lawfully mine? Are we not the same tax payers who have funded this democracy enough to have its own resources and use it during periods of need eg elections? I strongly believe that the Election Commission and whoever is responsible in amending these laws (Representation of People's Act, 1951 in particular) should take a note and make necessary amendments.


Please sign if you are against state machinery forcefully taking what is rightfully yours. Please sign if you want to defend which is rightfully yours. And most importantly, please sign if you love your car.

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