Stop Removal of a 70 year old Yemeni citizen who has lived in the US for 35 years

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Fathi Saleh Alyafai is a 70 year old man of Yemeni citizenship. He has been living in America since March of 1985. He has never left the United States in 35 years. He has repeatedly been denied status or a green card, due to having overstayed his M1 visa, due to fear of returning back to Yemen a country that was embroiled in a war.

He was granted temporary 2 year TPS (temporary protected status). When he went for a green card interview, yet again he was denied, for what reason we do not know. Mr. Alyafai is a family man and has been a law-abiding citizen for all 35 years. 

Mr. Alyafai has type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, all of which are exacerbated by his ongoing INS dilemma and repeated denials. He is  being treated with medications that he most certainly would not be able to get in a country like Yemen. He also has had two umbilical hernial repairs for a strangulated hernia. We are asking you to please help us ask the ICE/INS to grant this 70 year old gentleman *political asylum* so that he may continue to live in a country where he has worked and contributed as a tax payer.

Sending him back to Yemen will result in a certain death. Not only for lack of proper medical care, but also due to his age and the suspicion of having lived in the United States for so long.

Mr. Alyafai loves America and all it stands for. He considers America his country and beloved home, and would protect it in any way. Yemen is embroiled in a devastating civil war and sending a 70 year old elderly man back to a country with no sound infrastructure and more than half of its residents under the age of 30 not only would be complete culture shock but would amount to sending him to a certain death, from warring factions, particularly now with all the unrest with the current destabilization in the Middle East.

Please help him. Sign this petition so he may remain a part of the American dream, a country he loves deeply.  Thank you.