Petition Closed

sanofi is a french pharmaceutical company, n°1 in Europe, n°3 in the world which thanks to its scientific research, which conceives, manufactures and sells drugs and vaccines throughout the world. In France, every second medicine is manufactured by sanofi, like :
- Doliprane, Aspégic (analgesic)
- Plavix (cardio-vascular)
- Stilnox ( sleeping disorders)
- Lovenox( anti thrombotic )
- Taxotère ,Eloxatine ,Jevtana (oncology)
- Pentavac (vaccine)

Under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer Christopher Viehbacher and of its Board of Directors (Jean-René Fourtou, Thierry Desmarest, Igor Landau, Laurent Attal, Claudie Haigneré, …), sanofi has moved from an industrial governance to a financial governance dedicated to its top managers and its shareholders (L’Oréal, Total and several hedge funds)
- Christopher Viehbacher : 7 million euro in 2011 and receives large salary increases every year
- Sanofi's revenue 8,8 billion euro in 2011 (40 billion euro over the last 5 years)
- 35% of the profit distributed to shareholders
- management's goal to raise this to 50% by 2015 (= 4,5 billion euros)
- Sanofi wishes to withdraw from the Toulouse research site (614 jobs) and put an end to its research at the Montpellier site (200 jobs)
- 20% jobs already cut in research in France during the last 2 years.

Such a strategy is detrimental to world pharmaceutical research and to the patient. Internal history of the company shows that the budget cuts dictated by such a strategy always mean site closures (8) & job cuts (scientists, medical sales representatives, production staff representing 3758 jobs lost in the group in France during the last 4 years, and many more including US). This figures do not take into account thousands of induced job cuts.
Belittle by their management and dispossessed of their primary mission, employees at Sanofi Recherche refuse this strategy. Eager to continue their endeavor in public health for the patient, they submit this petition for signature.

Stop job cuts in sanofi ! Stop irresponsible and inhuman financiarisation of the company !

Letter to
sanofi's board members
sanofi's shareholders including Total and L'Oreal
and 2 others
sanofi Chief Executive Officer Christopher Viehbacher
Sanofi's President of the board Serge Weinberg
(Petition letter to the Board of Directors president Mr Serge Weinberg & its members, to sanofi's CEO Christopher Viehbacher and to the company's shareholders, L'Oreal and Total at the top of the list).

I denounce your irresponsible and destructive job policy around the world for the benefit of shareholders.
I demand:
- the withdrawal of your harmful strategy to replace it with an ethical and responsible one for the company.
- a better investment of the profits in internal research in order to develop tomorrow's drugs that will improve everyone's health.
- an ambitious jobs policy, open to young employees, with Human Resources showing respect to its employees.
- a perennial and unwavering support of the research activity in France, especially on the Toulouse and Montpellier sites.
- sanofi must and is able to fulfill its mission of public health. This goal needs a change in your company's leadership which should really take into account its social, economic, scientific and human responsibility.